Physiotherapists are merely paramedical staff and they are not fully qualified doctors. In fact, they can start treating only if a doctor prescribes physiotherapy for a patient.

Dr. Subrata Mitra

+91 98310 13838

Dr. Subrata Mitra one of the best Physiotherapist in Kolkata also in India. The clinic is established in the year 1982 by renowned Dr. Subrata Mitra.

Dr. Shivkrishna Mitra

+91 9830033334

Midas Cure physiotherapy clinic is successfully run by a dynamic Dr Shivkrishna Mitra over past years. He has diverse experience and interest. He understands that injuries and pain make normal activities challenging often making life stressful.

Dr. Shiv is a qualified doctor and is registered with Medical council of india. He has been working with top hospitals in Kolkata. He is experienced in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions as well as pregnancy cases. He has a good platform of experience from well known hospitals like Kothari Medical Centre, B P Poddar hospital & medical research ltd etc are few to name. He is always socially active in publishing articles in local news papers, arranging free camps at midas cure for social awareness.

He is also into social work currently working with R K HIV AIDS RESEARCH & CARE CENTRE (KOLKATA) and NISHSHABD ANGEEKAR WELFARE ASSOCIATION - NAWA (KOLKATA). Dr.Shiv always keeps up to date with the latest techniques through attending postgraduate training courses. So you can be sure that the treatment you receive will be of the highest quality.