Dementia Care

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Dementia can be daunting to handle and often takes a lot of knowledge, skill and training. We strive to make the path simpler for dementia patients as well as their family members.
Dementia is less common among younger individuals, and sets in as a person gets older. Dementia symptoms show gradually, and are often considered negligible, till it rapidly worsens with age. Click here to know more about dementia.

What specific role does the Midas Cure Manager fill?

3 basic steps towards helping the sufferers, skilfully undertaken by Midas Cure:

  1. An initial assessment at the patient's home by trained Clinical Psychologists. The assessment includes a detailed history taking, Mental Status Examination and administration of relevant Neuro-psychological tools.
  2. Based on the assessment Midas Cure would recommend the ideal treatment procedure that needs to be followed.Consultation with Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Neurologists becomes a must.Midas Cure accordingly arranges Psychiatrists and Neurologists for Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Psychologists for behavioural and environmental modifications and for enhancing the psychological well-being of the sufferers.
  3. Providing individual psychotherapy for the care givers who often end up having their mental well-being perturbed. They are often found to develop problems of depression, anxiety, phobia, adjustment difficulties, aggressive outbursts, excessive guilt, sleeping problems, headaches and other bodily complaints arising out of psychological distress.

Midas offers dementia packages that will be specially customized to suit the needs of a particular patient and to provide holistic dementia care.


Elderly people are highly vulnerable to developing mental health problems owing to the factors of:

  1. Decaying and aging of brain
  2. Deteriorating physical health
  3. Providing individual psychotherapy for Psychiatric disorder
  4. Changing socio-economic status

Owing to the ageing brain and body the elderly very often has to confront health issues eventually leading to restrictions in health habits causing them to experience anger, frustration, mood swings and sense of loss of control. Prevalence of psychiatric disorders like mood disorders, anxiety disorders, alcohol abuse, Schizophrenia and delusional disorders are also not uncommon. Intellectual and cognitive decline like difficulty to remember things or to alculate day to day expenditure may lead to a sense of diminished self worth.

Breakdown of support system in terms of death of spouse or close friends or children leaving homes for career persuasion causes the geriatric population to frequently feel being left out, socially isolated, uncared for and neglected leading to feelings of loneliness, despair, hopelessness. Losing the sense of financial security and independence makes them anxious and insecure about their future.

Midas Cure attempts to provide mental health care in such cases.

Empathy, patience, understanding, active listening and proper reflecting brings about positive changes in the elderly.

The Clinical psychologists of Midas Cure family provides home based assessment and intervention for such problems.

Individual psychotherapy and Counselling sessions are provided for assisting the elderly in anger management, coping with life changes, problem solving issues, dealing with grief and bereavement, promoting positive health habits, enhancing motivation, involving in everyday activities and participating in recreational activities.