As we are in hurry and our fast life make us difficult to deal with threatening disease for a person. Diseases such as advanced cancer, irreparable organ failure, or a degenerative neurological disorder can be crippling for the sufferer and distressing for their loved ones. So we at Midas Cure find the solutions for them so that they don't get undergo transient periods of depression and despair with above physical symptoms of their illness.

Midas Cure’s Palliative Care program is an organized, highly structured system for delivering care to people with life - threatening and debilitating illness, from diagnosis till death. Our Palliative Care program focuses on enhancing the quality of life, and enables patients to live as actively as possible until the end.

These are some typical home health services:

  1. Skilled Nursing
  2. Emotional Companionship for the Elderly
  3. Doctor Home Calls
  4. At-home physical therapy
  1. Prescription Management
  2. Rehabilitation and recovery from a one-off or chronic health condition
  3. Other Elder Care support services

Midascure's One Stop Home Care Platform includes both medical and non-medical services for your convenience:

  1. 24x7 Emergency Hotline
  2. Ambulance Services
  3. Doctor Home Calls
  4. Nursing Care at Home
  5. Help with Hospital Admission
  6. Medicines and Medical supply deliveries
  7. Post hospital Care
  8. Home Diagnostics
  1. Dementia Care
  2. Physiotherapy
  3. Emotional Companionship
  4. Errand Service
  5. Legal Advice
  6. Property Management
  7. Help with technology for the Elderly

Some Midascure services are only for members. Membership allows us to understand and know the customers well, earn their trust over time - this is especially true for our Elder Care services. Care Manager’s service, Doctor Home calls and 24/7 Emergency Helpline are open only to Members.

However, we also provide services (e.g. Home nurses and ayahs) for short-term requirements.

Please call +91 90736 99653/55 to discuss your situation in more details.

Our health network is extensive and spread across Kolkata. We partner only with well recognized and reliable service providers - Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dementia specialists, Old Age Homes, Diagnostic Clinics, Ambulances and other support services.

Midascure Managers coordinate your care with these appropriate service providers and take the hassle out of Home Care for your loved one.

To ensure that elders in our care are under constant monitoring, Midascure Managers make frequent phone calls and regulated home visits. This allows Midascure to be alert to even subtle changes in older customers’ well-being, and immediately red flag situations before they become crisis points.

In addition, the Care Managers provide emotional warmth, companionship and regular support to the lonelier elders.

Midascure Managers are also the Emergency contact point for elders in case their near and dear ones are not in Kolkata.