Would you like to become our Franchise? If you own a commercial or commercially converted/convertible retail space on a rental/revenue share basis with the following specifications:

  1. Doctor Chamber
  2. Space Area: 1000 - 1200Sqft
  3. Minimum Frontage: 25 running feet
  4. Parking space
  5. Physiotherapy based Skin care, Beautification or Spa
  6. Security Money
  7. Loyalty fee
  8. Legal Documents
  9. Franchise Fee

If you meet our specifications mentioned above, please write to us with the following (mandatory) details and we will get back to you soon. please mail us or

  1. Name(s) of one or all the owners of the retail space.
  2. Postal Residential Address, Contact Numbers and email id of the owner/owners
  3. Postal Address of the Retail Space
  4. Retail Space Area (square feet)
  5. Frontage of the Retail Space
  6. Photographs of your location
  7. Demographics of the catchment area