Help with Technology Service

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Modern day technology can become very confusing for the elderly. Oftentimes they are unsure as to how to go about it or how to use it and this can create an obstacle in bridging the gap between them and their loved ones who are living away from home.

Keeping this in mind, Midas Cure has introduced a help with Technology service. Our managers can assist in teaching the basics of technology, and can also set up internet connection, mails, chatting software like skype and so on for those who need it for support. So be with us and find the solution right way for your elder's.

Midas Cure Managers are also equipped to organize a Skype conversation with loved ones, following a certain procedure:

  1. The Care Manager coordinates and fixes up a time with the person living in the city and the one living outside.
  2. The Care Manager then visits the person's house at the stipulated time with all the equipment needed to run a Skype conversation.
  3. The two parties then carry on the conversation, and the Care Manager makes sure that everything proceeds smoothly.

The service is available as an accompaniment to our regular Care Manager visits. For members who have registered for our Aador or Jotno care packages, the service is free for the first 3 months, after which there is an additional charge of Rs. 50/ per half an hour of Skype.