Midas Cure Manager

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The Midas Cure Managers have one thing in common – All of them want to make a difference in the life of a senior. They have all, in some point of their lives have taken care of an elderly relative, and understand that compassion and diligence matter. Our trained managers are capable of identified the problems and thus our senior citizen care service in Kolkata becomes popular. It provides comprehensive solutions to all the medical and social needs. Trained in Geriatrics and home health, our Care managers are proud of the fact that they have an important job to do every day, ensuring that the senior member has the best care, and the next of kin has the latest information.

What specific role does the Midas Cure Manager fill?

1. The Midas Cure Manager builds trust:

Elder care is all about trust, and the Care Managers are trained to understand Elder's needs and to provide support when the Elderly needs it most.

2. The Midas Cure Manager is a problem-solver and the critical plank of our Elder Care services:

They provide Intellectual Companionship.The Midas Cure Manager visits the elderly and helps them re-discover their hobbies, converses on various topics and stimulates their minds. Most elders accomplish more when they simply have someone they trust and lean on.

3. The Midas Cure Manager helps in Health Monitoring:

Elders with chronic conditions, or those recently returned from hospital, often require health monitoring at home. Midas can help check vitals, manage medication, monitor nutrition, accompany on doctor visits and deliver home care products. Or provide tech-solutions where carers can monitor the elderly remotely.