One-Stop Home Care

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Home Care can sometimes be confusing & daunting. For chronic patients or those with acute conditions, managing health at home is challenging. Care needs to be coordinated among many different providers – doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists & other technicians. This could be a full time job and often you do not even know where to start!
MidasCure is a “One-Stop” platform that helps you access the best resources, make the best choice and get the best service – all with a simple phone call or a click of a mouse! We do the hard work to get it just right for you. MidasCure works with you and your doctor to create a personalised, one-stop service that is appropriate for you. We then coordinate with key providers on your behalf.
Some of the services are in-house, but for some others we use recognised, trusted partners. Our staff are trained, courteous, knowledgeable professionals who want to improve your comfort at home. Easily accessable, they are just phone call away. Our partners are leading national & local brands that are equally dedicated to bringing top-quality healthcare to your home.