Trust MidasCure Home

Trust MidasCure Home Health is a Medicare Certified home health agency that provides health and personal care in a person’s home. Our services are used most by persons with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses and persons who are returning home from inpatient hospital stays. Home health makes it possible for patients to leave the hospital so they can recover in the comfort of their own home rather than spend their recovery in a nursing home.Each provider documents using Axxess Electronic Home Health, this allows the caregiver to provide up to date information regarding a patient.

We also provide documented notes and vitals to each patients PCP, to ensure the continuity of care.


  1. Established provider, Trust Midascure Home Health has been in the business of caring for the community for many years
  2. Clinical experts, as demonstrated by our positive outcomes specifically as it applies to patients with chronic diseases such as Congestive Heart Failure
  3. (CHF) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) as our Re-admissions are significantly below the National averages (quarterly specific data is available in each office)
  4. Privately owned, Physician Led, Quality Driven, Proven Results
  1. Easy and customized referral process (Quick Fax w/F2F included on one sheet) 24 hours On Call – Covered by physician and nurse
  2. Specialty Programs: CHF & COPD Programs, Behavioral Health, Cognitive Function, Diabetes Management, Medication Management, Home Safety, Fall Risk & Gait and Balance Assessment & Physical Strengthening, Wound Care and Infusion Therapy
  3. Staff willingness to meet patient/family anytime – before, during and after care
  4. Passion, love, and clinical excellence in delivery of care


  1. Better outcomes
  2. Fewer unplanned ER visits
  3. Fewer readmissions
  1. More timely start to care
  2. Better symptom management