Palliative Care

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As we are in hurry and our fast life make us difficult to deal with threatening disease for a person. Diseases such as advanced cancer, irreparable organ failure, or a degenerative neurological disorder can be crippling for the sufferer and distressing for their loved ones. So we at Midas Cure find the solutions for them so that they don't get undergo transient periods of depression and despair with above physical symptoms of their illness.

Midas Cure’s Palliative Care program is an organized, highly structured system for delivering care to people with life - threatening and debilitating illness, from diagnosis till death. Our Palliative Care program focuses on enhancing the quality of life, and enables patients to live as actively as possible until the end.

Palliative Care helps people suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, severe kidney/heart failure, advanced stage lung disease, progressive neurological illnesses and other life – limiting diseases.

The role of palliative care is:

  1. To help achieve and maintain the best quality of life that one can for as long as possible
  2. To make sure one's physical, practical emotional and spiritual needs are catered for
  1. To help one feel in control of his/her situation
  2. Not to prolong/shorten life, but to make the time one has available as valuable as can be for the person and his/her family