Palliative Counselling

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Palliative counselling deals with the emotional and psychological concerns during the period of palliative care.
When words like "death", "dying", "terminal illness" is not exclusive of the daily vocabulary usage,the distress of the people involved cannot be denied acceptance.

The psychological symptoms that are commonly seen in terminally ill patients are:

  1. Anticipatory grief
  2. Depression
  3. Anger
  4. Anxiety

The terminally ill patient has reached a point in his life where all that matters is maintaining an optimum level of quality of life. In order to achieve the same, psychological intervention becomes quintessential.

The main aims of palliative counselling are:

  1. Helping the terminally ill patient accept death as an inevitable process, dealing with the insecurities, fears, and worries related to death.
  2. Providing a social support tool
  3. Helping patient deal with existential concerns
  4. Management of pain and other physical symptoms
  5. Dealing with sleep disturbances / insomnia
  6. Dealing with care-givers distress
  7. Support for the spouse/family members
  8. Bereavement and grief counselling for family members