About Physiotherapy

Midas Cure has created packages based on the services that our clients request the most. Our staffs are highly trained, passionate and dedicated to providing compassionate care for seniors. However, we are always looking to make the care better. Midas Cure can tweaks of the packages or create something specific for special needs.

Physiotherapy has role in many fields

  1. Cardiac and chest conditions
  2. Vascular conditions
  3. Gynaecological conditions and pregnancy
  4. (Work related disorders) Postural care
  5. Obesity

Who can go to physiotherapist?

  1. Individuals with pain or functional impairment receive physio to improve function and to reduce disability.
  2. Individuals without any dysfunction receive physio to improve health and wellness and to prevent impairments.

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Concerned with treatment of physical ailments involving joint, muscle, ligaments and soft tissues. Example, muscle pull, ligament sprain, arthritis, joint inflammation, tendonitis etc.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Concerned with rehabilitation of problems arising from damage/disorder of brain, spinal cord or nerves. Example, stroke, head injury, spinal trauma, balance disorder, bell's palsy etc.

Cardio-Pulmonary Physiotherapy

Concerned with care of physical fitness of heart and lungs. Example, heart attack / bypass surgery, asthma, chest

Vascular Physiotherapy

Concerned with fitness and maintenance of patients with vascular disorders. Example, varicose veins, atherosclerosis, swollen limbs after surgery, etc.

Obsterical Physiotherapy

Concerned with postural care and physical fitness of women during pregnancy and after child birth.

Gyneacological Physiotherapy

Concerned with care and rehabilitation of patients with gynaecological and urinary disorders. Example, urinary incontinence, uterus prolapsed etc.

Postural Care and Physiotherapy

Commonly known as Ergonomics, concerned with guidance and care for physical fitness, good postural care and muscle built.

Obesity and Physiotherapy

Concerned with guidance and diet control for effective weight management.