Spa and Massage

Midas Cure's innovative value-for-money Senior Care services provide excellent Home Care support for Senior Citizens - especially for those living alone. The packages include regular visits from a nurse, up to 365 days a year and can also include visits from our doctors a set number of times per week. You can get in touch with us for a customized package.

  1. Aroma Oil Therapy
  2. Balinese Oil Therapy
  3. Deep tissue Oil Therapy
  4. De-stress Back & Shoulder Oil Therapy
  5. Foot Therapy with hot compress
  6. Foot Spa
  7. Head, Neck, Shoulder and Foot Therapy with Hot Herbal
  8. Head, Neck, Shoulder and Foot Hot Stone Therapy
  1. Midascure Signature Therapy
  2. Swedish Old Therapy
  3. Thai Body Therapy
  4. Body Polishing
  5. Lymph Drainage (Breast Massage Therapy)
  6. Gluteus Muscles, Hip Buttocks Therapy
  7. Lymph Detox Therapy
  8. Warm Potli Massage